ODA Review of the
Juggernaut.Case Nav Board Lite

The Juggernaut Case system in conjunction with the HAHO-L supplemental NAV board is, in my opinion, the best option for Special Operations Forces conducting tactical HALO and HAHO missions for the following reasons:

1. The Juggernaut Case and the HAHO-L work perfectly in sync – there is not another system that allows jumpers to have the situational awareness of both the ATAK phone and their NAV aids open and working simultaneously. Having both open, out and running cuts down on the distraction of having to flip between the phone and the NAV board while manipulating the parachute system. The new large thumb screws were also helpful to allow for manipulation of the system with gloves on.

2. Cable management – the cable with the host adapter allows the jumper to only have to use one cable. This allows for better cable management, keeping the cables away from the handles on the RA-1/MC-4 parachute system, increasing jumper safety.

3. Durability – jumping into unknown, unmarked DZs at night often results in less than optimal landings. My ODA jumped the Juggernaut system for 20 jumps many with hard landings, due to winds and terrain, with no noticeable damage to the Juggernaut System, HAHO-L NAV board or the ATAK phone. The buttons on the case are easy to use even with gloves on and the screen protector provided adequate protection without losing screen sensitivity.

4. Mounting – the Juggernaut case allows for secure mounting on all different types of body armor. The ODA jumped JPCs, AVSs and other types of body armor and the case mounted securely to all types and remained in place during MFF operations.

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