7 Ways to Avoid Crap Traps

If you’ve ever cleaned dog poop out of the sole of a boot, you already know something about crap traps – in that case a literal crap trap. We really use crap trap as a metaphor, but they are areas of a rugged design that hold dirt or water and are hard to clean and clear out. We’ve seen our products literally dragged through the mud, and that’s just fine. With waterproof products, they can just be sprayed down with a hose, but while on mission, nobody has time for that. We’ll never eliminate all possible crap traps, but keeping them in mind while designing rugged products, we can reduce them.

Crap traps are hard to quantify, but we know them when we see them. In practical terms, here are some things we do to avoid designing in unnecessary crap traps.

What to Avoid:

Unless we are designing cue balls, some crap traps are avoidable. By thinking ahead and avoiding them where possible, we can make it just a little easier to clean up rugged products that are gonna get dirty.

The speaker grill and other surface features on the Thales Liberty Radio are shallow with no sharp corners for easy cleaning.

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