Why Juggernaut.Case?

One of the most common questions we get from people is, “Why Juggernaut.Case™ instead of Otterbox™ or LifeProof™?

Let’s start by answering the question with a question: Who is the user?

All three offer drop protection and varied levels of dust/immersion protection. Here’s a quick glance at what to expect from a Juggernaut.Case™.

What you won’t find:

  • Varied materials, tons of color choices, NFL™ logos and Disney™ characters, or flashy bling
  • Super slim design to fit in the back pocket of designer jeans
  • Inventory in every major retailer worldwide
  • A design for every mobile device on the market

What you will find:

  • A few consistent proprietary materials and basic color choices
  • Robust profile for better grip and mounting capability
  • Direct sale and customer support from the manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Selected designs based on the most commonly acquired devices by military/DOD

By our own admission, Juggernaut.Case™ is not after the huge commercial phone case market. The other two brands have the extensive overhead to saturate that industry with a multitude of products. And as much as we would love to protect a teenager’s phone, that same teen can go to the mall and buy that protection in their favorite color, with their favorite movie character on it.

We are a small design/manufacturing company who caters to a very specific consumer audience. Our mounting capabilities and cable connectivity solutions are geared toward strenuous environmental applications for the soldier, the first responder, the extreme sportsman and the outdoor enthusiast.

So back to our original question: Who is the user?

Our user is serious. Our user has specific conditions and threats in which he/she needs ultimate device protection. Our user needs mounting solutions so they can navigate unforgiving terrains while using a paddle, a gun, a parachute, a steering wheel, or a cockpit. Our user is unique. Our user is a Juggernaut.

JUGGERNAUT: a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path (source: www.merriam-webster.com)

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Why Juggernaut.Case?